Friday, August 27, 2010

The Proud Grannies

These two ladies pictured below are the two proudest Grannies ever. They love their baby Dean!
This is my mom, Cathy. She will be known as Gramma, Granny, Grandma, whatever Dean decides to call her. She came down to stay with Rodney and me a week and a half before Dean was born. Thank the little baby Jesus for that, cause as many know, the last month of my pregnancy was very painful. I was as big a red barn! Mom cooked for us and cleaned the house, did some sewing and rubbed my poor swollen right foot. They day that my water broke she had a smile from ear to ear and glowed! Mom stayed with us for another week and a half after Dean was born. She says it was to take care of the house while Rod and I bonded with Dean, but I think she really didn't want to leave her Dre.

This is Rods mom, Betty. She has a been running a day care out of her house for 30 years! Every single kiddo she has had has called her BB. Braden, our nephew calls her BB. So this is Deans BB. On the day that my water broke, Rod called her to tell her that Dean was coming early. An hour or so later, when she still hadn't arrived at the hospital, Rod called her again to tell her they were taking me to the OR and to see where she was. She only lives HALF A MILE from the hospital! What could possibly be taking so long? She said she was putting on her jacket and would be up in just a few. A jacket?! Its the end of June and 100 degrees outside! Why would one wear a jacket?! Well because she's BB and she must always look her best, especially when she will be meeting a very important young man for the first time.

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