Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I love my Tricia! She is always so fun and makes me laugh all the time. She is a nurse in the newborn nursery and if it weren't for here guided hand and patience, I prolly would have self imploded weeks ago. She has been there for me since we brought Dean home which I can't thank her enough for. The very first night Dean was home we were unsure on how to "put" him to bed. I sent him to the nursery every night we were in the hosiptal so I could try to get some sleep (I was unfortunatly still on my night schedule so sleep evaded me). What they did with him in the nursery I will never know. So that first night we dressed him in a cute sleeper and laid him in his crib.... and then stood there..... staring at him. He looked so tiny in his crib. We were both scared to just leave him there...all by himself.....alone. All these thoughts went thru our heads. What if he's confused? Does he know where he's at? What if he wakes up scared? What if he gets cold? What if he gets too hot? Do we swaddle him or cover him with a blanket? We both started crying a little, unsure about what to do with our little man. So I took this picture:

and sent it to Trish with the question "Is this how you put them to sleep?" I know it is a stupid question but at that time we were clueless. I didn't want to leave him but at the same time I knew that I more than him needed to get use to him sleeping in his own bed.

I can only imagine what was going thru Tricias mind when she got that message. "OMG, they are so dumb!" Yes, yes we are. But she was kind enough to suppress her laughter and just responded with "You can put him down like that or swaddle him, either way is ok." So we kissed him goodnight, laid him in his crib and left the nightlight on just incase he were to wake up and not know where he was. We both went to bed. Rod was out like a light in just a matter of minutes. The last 5 days had been rough on him. I laid in bed, sobbing and clinging to the video baby monitor for dear life.

There were many other nights when Dean would cry and I just couldn't get him to bed. Trish was there on the other end of the phone texting me answers and telling me everything was going to be alright. One evening as I was changing Dean into his pj's, I noticed one of his nipples was red and hard. I thought he had an abscess in his little nip. I gave it a gentle squeeze and a white liquid came out. Lo and behold my male child was lactating! Now I had read before that both male and female newborns can lactate due to the increase levels of female hormones the mother passes to the babies while still in the womb. I just had to have some reassurance from Trish that this was ok. And I needed to share it with her cause it was kinda funny and I knew Rod would flip out. She of course laughed and said it was fine and would go away over time, and she wished she could see Rods face when I told him. When I did tell Rod, his eyes got wide and his jaw dropped. He called Trish too. Then he Googled it.

Needless to say, I really would have imploded if it weren't for Tricia. Your like the sister I never had and I love ya dearly. Thank you so much for being on the other end of the line night after night answering my stupid questions. Thank you for resting my fears, I trust your advice more than most others. And thank you for being a true friend and not laughing directly to my face! Mmmmwah!


  1. I LOVE her too! :) I laughed again at your story about putting Dean in his crib for the first time--we'll all be there some day. Have no shame, mommy!! I fully plan to utilize Tricia when need be :)

  2. Heck yeah - and she loves that stuff. Remember our talk about "needing to be needed?" I think we all have some of that in us. We love Trish!! :)